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Which XRP Wallet Do You Use?

Which XRP Wallet Do You Use?  

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  1. 1. Which XRP Wallet do you use to access your XRP? (If you use more than one, list the one you use most frequently)

    • I use an exchange wallet the most
    • generateSecretOffline
    • Ledger Wallet (Nano)
    • Lieefu Wallet
    • Rippex Desktop Wallet
    • Ripple Client Desktop
    • ripplerm
    • The World Exchange
    • Toast Wallet
    • Warp Wallet
    • XRP Chat Wallet
    • yxxyun Ripple Client Desktop (Windows Only)

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Greetings!  I'm taking a poll about which wallets people currently use.  All answers are anonymous; I'm trying to get a simple count of the most popular XRP wallets.  I'll let the poll run for two day

Storage long term:  Secret key offline Nano S (still don't trust this completely) Manual Trading: Exchanges XRPL with secret generated with library (online) Trading

ripplerm, minimalist client and manually submitting transactions via the API. https://github.com/ripple/ripple-client <-- official wallet. Development discontinued due to FinCen agreement.

9 minutes ago, Pointbreak said:

@tulo Do you mind elaborating on why you don't completely trust Nano S or potentially link a report / article that articulates the issues you see?


The problems I see:

  • BIP39 mnemonic key is quite recent and I'm afraid someone finds a way to break it.
  • The computer applications might be corrupted and they could send transactions with different address (you can always check the destination address on the screen of Nano S, but it is not easy to compare ripple/bitcoin/etc addresses character by character)
  • Not easy process to retrieve the secret keys from BIP39
  • After all we need to trust the company. No external 3rd party is reviewing the code of the Nano, so there could be a backdoor which allows the company to send funds wherever they want.


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