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Dragonchain (DRGN)

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On 2/4/2018 at 9:43 PM, XrpAdvocate said:

I currently have most of my investment in XRP I also have FUN and I have been researching Dragonchain and it fits my criteria for investing,  was curious if anyone here also holds Dragonchain or your general thoughts on the project and potential to moon.  

Very, very strong project in my eyes. XRP by far my biggest stack, but DRGN is my second. I can see this easily being 100 dollar plus coin. And imagine the increase when it hits the big exchanges!

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I looked at Dragonchains website and don’t really understand the clear market they targeting. Also I don’t see the “clear use” for their service, kinda seems like another smart contact coin and that’s about.

I would like to understand their project in clearer detail, anyone care to share their thoughts on what Dragonchain is doing differently them the rest and why they are different ?

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