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Ripple desktop wallet


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Hey, I have my ripple wallet folder, but I cannot access the ripple as I don't have the download from the xrp wallet. If any of you have the download could you send it to me please? or upload the programme? I don't have my secret key either because I reset my pc 2 days before I realised that the wallet shut down.

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I hope that folder contains the file with encrypted secret key. I can send you the wallet, but you will have to trust me that i have not changed the code. If interested, you can pm me.

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1 hour ago, pucksterpete said:

@Lynxyy your the same person that I responded to on Reddit...I sent you the exe for the wallet....you just replied to me today and said "it's a scam tnx mate"

I didn't scam ya...So what's the problem your having with the exe I sent???

He hasn’t contacted me, so i guess he doesn’t really need it. And having a wallet without having a secret written down, especially when prompted to do so, is a bit strange.

btw @Lynxyy my offer has just expired 

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Hello everyone. I recently tried to access my XRP and found out RippleX Desktop wallet was discontinued. I still have my wallet file, but am curious what wallet to use next. I am looking for a desktop wallet that works with macOS. I hear Toast is trustworthy. What are your thoughts?

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4 hours ago, tazmo said:

How do I import my ripplex wallet file into toast? 

I’m not really clued up to be honest. I’m guessing there must be an import function on Toast where you enter in your address. I don’t think you need the Rippex file to import a wallet. Toast will act as an interface using your wallet address.

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