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37 minutes ago, Malloy said:

You could invite directly or post about the club...but first...should we just setup and fine tuned the goal of the club?

Yeah I agree there should be a goal...I know it's currently public and private clubs might have a little taboo, but I feel more inclined to help out in that regard, particularly if we have a set of objectives and we can work to attain those. 

Public is fine too...but sometimes things get very distracted and as new members pop up old topics tend to be rehashed quite a bit. Maybe we could figure out a way to maintain progress, so to speak? I suppose that depends on the clubs objectives. 

I can speak for myself here in regards to what I'm looking for in no particular order.

1. A place to acquire perspective and knowledge, particularly about trading, particularly crypto but specifcially XRP. 

2. Build relationships with people I respect, not necessarily ones I agree with 

3. Through knowledge and perspective, maybe help shed light on something as polarizing and misunderstood as TA and trading in general. 

4. Help people learn about the space and possibly help provide liquidity to a market that dearly needs diversity. 

5. Have fun. 


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1 hour ago, Hodlezerper said:

.I know it's currently public and private clubs might have a little taboo

Private club do have that taboo tattooed...in the other hand when you let everyone in without filtering most just lurk and some ask questions without searching if it already had been discussed...

I'm not sure what the best solution is yet...I'm wondering if a Discord channel could be part of the solution...here public with archived discussions, QnA, FAQ, etc...and invite the new members that are active to the private channel for live trading?


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5 hours ago, Hodlezerper said:

I hereby nominate @Hodlezerper, @Malloy, @panmores and @Rabbit_Kick_Club as OG moderators with indelible rights in the new discord server. Lol!

Simple majority consensus for decisions. We are the Supreme Court. Lol

Am floored, the honors weigh heavy :D

Great header images @Malloy !

First thought to upload something like a thinker in front of a huge wave, should I take that wave, not?


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Currently I'm frequenting several places, mainly xrpchat, TradingView, less so the two Discord groups which each have a trading / speculation channel, and even less so reddit. Plus of course Google RSS news feeds, mainly on my own cryptoking.org page.

There are some fine people posting in dedicated XRP forums, why not reach out to those we respect and would like to have a closer conversation with.

I'd prefer public in the early days to first establish the group's "identity" (quality instead of quantity?).

While I totally second your list of objectives, @Hodlezerper

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