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ILP Best designed solution - Master thesis + Report KPMG

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The Interledger Protocol will potentially be able to deliver any asset into any
account and will trade assets as needed to construct the necessary paths.
We believe that the Interledger Protocol is the best designed solution to the looming
interoperability problems of the evolving multi-ledger ecosystem.
And a Report of KPMG (i've not seen yet) on the "Immutable agreement on the Internet of Value" - 10 pages on Ripple
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59 minutes ago, Live4xrp said:

10 pages on Ripple

And a bunch of other blockchains as well - very interesting to read the responses from Ripple (via Bob Way). 

My favorite questions and answers (from the KPMG interview results):



Provide some general measures of volume that the consensus mechanism can or will handle
(e.g., # of trades)
Provide some general measures of the value that the consensus mechanism can or will handle
(e.g., $ value of trades)
Is the speed of the system impacted if the system is made more scalable?




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Great objective article about the current state of DLTs.

Seems to be imo positive about Ripple:

"The search for consensus mechanisms that are reliable for 
financial institutions and acceptable to regulators led developers 
to systems that don’t depend on bitcoin and proof-of-work. 
Ripple, developed in 2012, was the first significant new one."


In the maneuvering the road ahead section, many of the concerns they express for DLTs moving forward are the areas where Ripple/XRP shines: performance, stability, standards, regulatory compliance.

"One of the main problems involved 
is network stability. It’s essential for the network to be running 
without stoppage even for a second. We expect performance 
and latency of distributed ledger technologies to continually 
improve, but there may eventually be structural limitations with blockchain and distributed ledger technologies which might limit 
their adoption to use cases where there isn’t a focus on very low 
latency and very high transaction volume."


"Today’s financial services industry, in particular 
capital markets, has been built on various standards over the 
years. Yet, although we are seeing consortiums being formed 
and regulators showing interest, the increasing proliferation of 
blockchain and DLTs has not shown true signs of standardization, 
which may become key for adoption and regulatory acceptance."

I like that they end the article saying the issues moving ahead for DLTs are exactly what Ripple is focusing on. Good signs.


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