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Signed up for RobinHood today


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Recently I read an article in regards to RobinHood and the top stocks young people are purchasing. I decided to try it out and get into stock to further diversify my investments. So I downloaded the app Jan 30th at 10:30PM. I filled out the information. It was very intuitive. In less than 3 hours my account with them was approved.  I was sleeping at the time so I didn't see the notification until I woke up.

The first thing I did was hook up my bank account. It wasn't in the list, but it let me search for it. My bank isn't a national chain, but it still found it no problem and even displayed the logo. I can already log into my bank account via my banks website. The app brought me to the page and had me enter my login credentials. It was able to pull in what it needed. Then it asked me what account I wanted to use (I have a checking and savings account). I selected checking. Finally it texted me a confirmation code.

Within a minute I had hooked it up to my bank account and deposited $200. When I signed up for coinbase last July it took a solid week to get everything hooked up. Even then I had to call my bank as they blocked my debit and credit cards. When I started using gdax via a linked checking account, it took days to get money in. I couldn't believe how easy Robinhood was.

So I bought 14 shares of AMD stock to start off with. There were 0 fees and it was instant.  I can't wait until I can use Robinhood for crypto. I think it's going to be game changing for a lot of people and put a lot of pressure on other places to do better. 


Also I am still new to stocks if anyone wants to toss around some names that I should research into.




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