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During the past month, I have submitted multiple tickets on the GateHub support page and after a week or two, the status of my ticket changes from "open" (red) to "awaiting for your reply" (green) although I am not getting any kind of communication from GateHub. After a couple of hours or one day the status then changes to "solved" (grey) and nothing has happened. No email, no message, no solution to my problem. Are you guys experiencing the same?

This is incredibly frustrating. It has happened now already 3-4 times this month.


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yeah but it means that my ticket got actually viewed and actions was taken. i don’t get it. why not leave it on “open” until they really get to it and try to fix the issue?

should i just keep sending new tickets or keep on re-opening the existing one by posting a message in the conversation thread (... basically talking to myself at this point...)?

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They send you an automated email with suggested support topics and you're meant to reply to that if you're still facing issues. This will change the status from "Awaiting your response" to "Open".  Since you never responded to that email, when they looked at your ticket and saw it was still "Awaiting your response" they assume you found your answer in the list of suggestions from the email and close your ticket.

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