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India is not Banning Cryptos


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I dont know whom to blame but the whole forum and media is filled with news that cryptos are going to banned in India. Well honestly our finance minister has only told that they are not considering cryptos as a legal tender which means they are not to be used to settle any official transactions. As of now the government hasnt given any notice that the markets are going to be banned or halted. Things are being looked into and he has also mentioned that the gov would try to embrace blockchain technology to its best use. We already know Sbi india and axis bank india have already showed interest in ripple and its tech, so the ban might actually curd some cryptos and only few might survive. 

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4 minutes ago, XRPHdlr said:

Then what happened today and the price dropped again :(..everyone was blaming that..

people say all kinds of nonsense, fact is... crowds were foaming at the mouth to buy crypto off FOMO mentality, causing a parabolic rise, the smart money, traders etc, all sold at the top of the insane ridiculous unsustainable parabola, and the following crash was COMPLETELY INEVITABLE and has nothing to do with specifically with India or any other one thing, outside of pure greed and FOMO which always, always, results in a crash

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