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where can i find my ripples ?


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Hi ,

Can anyone help me ... In december I bought some ripples via Litebit and send  the ripples to a gatehub ( verified )wallet adress  >>> rUUtggMc3AVtHCATw4sH6TekyqcpJLzhNY but they never arrived . I contacted litebit and they send me this >> https://bithomp.com/explorer/r9HMeo6Si9sVLSnUGUK5f5Mh7cyQJtuzmU  . But that is a totally different adress . I don t understand it anymore , i tried to contact gatehub but with no succes . Did i do something wrong and have i lost the ripples ?

Thank you very much


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Thank you for helping me , you mean this ? 

Order IDLB975806

Date and time14-12-2017 16:56

Coin Ripple

Amount176.00582900 XRP


Receiving addressr9HMeo6Si9sVLSnUGUK5f5Mh7cyQJtuzmU

Are you experiencing any problems with your order? Contact our support team

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