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CoinBase is Baseless


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Hi I recently encountered several issues with Coinbase. To start off, Coinbase has stopped accepting feedback via emails. Instead they have directed all customers to use their internal online feedback system which sucks. Why, cause it redirects you back to the same place where you started off. Next, they have made switches to their mode of transaction -  meaning that instead of a online transaction , they have re-registered themselves as a point - of -sale mode of transaction. This means customers who wish to purchase cryptos are now unable to use their cards to make payments online. When I tried to contact them, I was re-directed back to the aforesaid feedback loop mechanism. 


Rather frustrating. Please review the system and if you agree please share. 

I am now considering switching over to another crypto exchange. Any suggestions out there? 




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Bitstamp for example, after weeks finally got my account verified with them, and I wanted to buy some XRP just for using my account for first time and couldn´t because aparently my "bank declined my transaction" but you can buy XRP directly with fist there too as in CB

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