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It's 7:00 AM in Dubai

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25 minutes ago, HenryHole said:

Exactly what I was thinking :scratch_one-s_head: 

Someone earlier made the excellent point that if they have been trading BTC and Ether since 2014 and yet not on CMC then why would XRP suddenly get included in the cmc listings.

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I heavily wonder why there is no big popup like alert on the bitoasis homepage that XRP is now available for trading. Like "yeah, we made it possible" or similar.

Honestly, i do not have a good feeling about this bitoasis topic - seems to be delayed or cancelled.

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Welcome to the UAE. A confusing and chaotic place at the best of times. But mark my words, they will get up and they will get going and they will do some serious volume. Inshallah  - but maybe not today or tomorrow. Maybe  come back to the subject during the next run -if anyone remembers. 

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