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It's 7:00 AM in Dubai

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19 minutes ago, Raz said:

I think we are going to see the proverbial spring get a lot tighter but not expecting much movement tomorrow/today. I would imagine they’ll be on the sidelines till price starts going and then FOMO the mess out of it!!!

I think this may be how it goes down. I don't care how many oil fields you own , no one wants to buy something while it's dipping.

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I'm wondering about the mechanics of price rippling ( :) )across exchanges.  So if there was a run up on this exchange normally arbitrage would become applicable and someone would price level it.  

But this is not a normal exchange it's more like buying in to a wallet.  So I'm unclear on how this will play out.  Hopefully we'll. :) 

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6 minutes ago, manateehunter said:

I don't see that exchange listed at all on cryptocompare, livecoinwatch, nor CMC.

That's odd.

I wonder what kind of volume flows through that exchange to begin with....perhaps that's something I should have looked into before getting myself all worked up.

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