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Regulación vs technology


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Hi all, last week discussing with a friend, this issues was brought up and i didn't know the correcto Response. Can someone help clarify??

How much of the current issues banks have to reach ripple performance is due to lack of technology and how much due to regulations, which eventually ripple Will have to end up complying as well. I refer to transaction times, need of nostro accounts, transaction fees, search of liquidity, etc....

Thank you!!

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Personally, I don't believe regulation will be an issue for Ripple.

An excerpt from the press release:

Commenting on the appointments, CEO Brad Garlinghouse said, “Transforming global payments is no small feat and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the expertise of Ben Lawsky and Ron Will on our side to help make that mission a reality. Ben deeply understands the nuances of both digital assets and financial regulation, and I’ve seen Ron’s tenacity and ability to scale and execute like none other while we both worked at Yahoo!. Both Ben and Ron’s skillsets will be instrumental as we look to capitalize on the interest and opportunity around blockchain, XRP and the impact they will have on payments in 2018 and beyond.”


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IMO in order to solve this huge puzzle Ripple Labs is working on the tech is only 20% (I made up this number based on an educated guess) of the puzzle and Ripple is pretty good on it. Rest is regulation (> 50% educated guess) and other resources which Ripple is also good at. 

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