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Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

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Hi Guys, 

Am in the middle of a XRP fud fight. Some guy (Robert Pastorelli Jr.) Is really bashing Ripple and XRP.

Join in if you feel the urge, here is the link: discussion/cryptocoinsnews/western_union_confirms_xrp_integration_of_ripple_blockchain_trial/#comment-3762748444

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Last night I took a few zerps out intending to catch the normal weekend dip and buy more back. I thought I was pretty safe with the CNY. Fortunately it was just a few. 

Every time I try it backfires. Where did I stick my zerps? LTC. What is about the only coin in the red today? LTC. 

I'm claiming responsibility for the price action. You're welcome. 

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I said  $11.73 

sure I want it to be $100 .



or maybe it will be 11.73

Maybe it will be 11.73 December. 

next year will slowly start xrapid use

and 2020 will be the year. 


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