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Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

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1 minute ago, gregos said:

Quick pitstop and off we go again?

I really hope so, but i predict a 5 steps forward 4 steps back kind of movement.

We will get where we want to be, but slower than hoped.

EDIT: For the weekend anyway, but hopefully it'll create some good hype/fomo for the beginning of the week.

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7 minutes ago, Dionisus said:

And did you decide to buy more xrp or were you still walking from the kitchen to the office? ?

While i was transferring money from Bitpanda to Binance this thing started! When the last of 30 confirmations was through, it was around 1.155 when i entered market and bought xrp.

Sometimes you think too long :) Anyway. Are already on the Nano. I have another problem now. I now haxe X867 Zerps. What a f*u*cked up number.

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bought ETH for XRP btw.
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Just now, gregos said:

4hr chart looks better why cant we just look at that

Wish it worked like that :D .... my understanding it that if you look at 200 day average you need to use same view as it states 200 day ---> then you need to use a day view for it to have a meaning

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2 minutes ago, Jafabibe said:

Sorry this isnt correct you are looking at 4h chart....

You need to look at 1day where we are still fighting it.


Well, actually the daily I don´t care too much since XRP pretty often bounces at the 4h chart. And even there it´s 1.15444. So we crossed it in the daily too. 

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