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Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

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2 minutes ago, OzAlphaWolf said:

Completely, completely off-topic but since there's so much good news around today, I'm going to share my own that just came in. BMG have offered me a favourable worldwide distribution deal for my music label.  Years of hard work about to pay off!! :biggrin: The bonus is I'll be able to buy more zerps.


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14 minutes ago, RegalChicken said:

I own a factory in the Puget Sound and I can guarantee you right now that if I walk through my office and ask every single employee including accounting, nobody here knows anything at all about Swift or that the name even exists except for maybe one employee who follows Ripple/XRP.

Before I started researching and buying XRP I had no idea what SWIFT was. And I have worked in several businesses that took credit cards, and used the technology. I was a Business Manager for awhile and paid the bills for the credit card processing fees - and yet I still didn't know about SWIFT. 

All you know as a business/owner is that the credit cards charge high fees. I do not take credit cards in my business for this reasons. 


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