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Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

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Just now, Chewiecoin said:

I see Mr Happy 2020 is still around. 

When you quote him even though I’ve ignored him I still see him, d’oh.

Its like a bad nightmare

Like deciding not to eat garlic, and then someone burping in your face.....

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2 minutes ago, Dinoizzy said:

Sold my entire stack. My belief is that this is going to fo much, much deeper over the weekend and i can buy in again cheaper. If it doesnt then i may lose a few hundred zerps.

Take care guys and girls and lets see when we come out of this.

just wondering.. sell at?

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I've added more FUD monsters to ignore in the last 12 hours than the rest of my time as a member (admitedly not a long time)


can people stop quoting these muppets?

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