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Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

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Random thought as I tried to summarize XRP to a friend - We all might sound crazy. Haha.


Me on the couch of my therapist " yes so I find connection to the world through an online community of zerpers. We consistently talk about the moon, lambos, real use cases of xrp solving trillion dollar problems for real customers.  A lot of different folks talk. I listen a lot to the bull, the chicken, the pickle, the 50 dollar bill guy, that guy that yelled Hold the Door in Game of Thrones, and many others.  Haha just today the chicken asked us a riddle but then answered it himself. I lol'd at that.  I think there's alot of conspiracies going on with whales, big banks, and original anarchists that want to suppress my digital asset but honestly my digital asset is the fastest and most likely to succeed. Smart guys out in California are Rippling throughout the world.  61 Banks in Japan are going to go live. I think I'm going to hit it big with this investment. I had to buy it in an exchange in Europe because its not regulated here in the US and isnt on any exchanges.  I store the asset on this thumbstick that encrypts the code to unlock the coin." 

Therapist writes down notes with conclusion "schizophrenia likely. significant hallucinations. continue to further discuss and consider heavy medication". 



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18 minutes ago, shaunnol said:

I propose a BG drinking game. Take a shot whenever Brad says:

1. Moving money by plane is faster than online

2. "Internet of value"

3. "Liquidity"

4. "Friction"

5. "I'm long on Bitcoin"

6. "AT&T said they'd never use IP"

7. "Real-world utility"

I'd end up in hospital with alcohol poisoning 

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9 minutes ago, Mrsrippley said:

I completely agree. I can see that scenario in 5 years, maybe. I also think most people here would have difficulty paying with XRP as well, the look on our faces when we have to use our zerps lol,  "that'l be 3 XRP for your latte please" urghh um err can I use fiat please I'm hodling my zerplings....:wizard:

The having to buy bitcoin first and move it to an exchange is the killer

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3 hours ago, 1todd960 said:

So I was thinking.  I know it's a dangerous thing for me.

Thinking about how confident I was with my investment in XRP.  I have dreams and hopes that XRP will be the one shot that will change my life.  Making up for all those bad money decisions I've made in the past.  And hopefully giving me the opportunity to help my family, friends and maybe even that stranger that is struggling.

Anyway back to my point.  Thinking.  Let's say someone from two years in the future asked me how confident I was with my investment in XRP.  I of course answer,

"Well sir, I'm extremely confident!". 

Mr Time Traveler then asks me,

"would you like to prove how confident you are?".

I say, " sure, why not".

Mr. Time Traveler then proceeds to pull a gun and put it against my head and says,

"Do you believe xrp will be $10 or more by end of 2019, yes or no?  If you give me the correct answer, I congratulate you.  If you're wrong I pull the trigger."

At that point I'm sweating, shaking and stuttering endless.  What do I say?  I've always believed we would be at least $10 by end of this year, let alone 2019.  Should be an easy answer, right?   But my life is on the line and it's do or die at this moment.

Well I've thought about this over and over and I just don't see how we can't be at least $10 by that time.  Nearly seems impossible with Brad's dream team and everything we see happening now and coming up this year.

So I say,  "YES!"

Mr Time Traveler then congratulates me, turns around and walks away.  I'm thinking to myself, who was that Man?

p.s I think I need another vacation.  Going insane ?

This sounds like movie material....this needs a title, "The Time Traveller and Ripple Man" or ""Ripple1todd960" meets his Ripple HitMan".

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