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Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

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There was a nice steady climb from the 9th to the 10th. From around $0.73 to $1.22 in about just over a day.
If we get a nice run like that from this level, hopefully we can get back to $1.50 the middle of the week at least.

That is my prediction. $1.50 on 28th.


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11 minutes ago, robertbruce said:


Swift are slippery having incorporated credit-providers for instant payments BUT "DLT PoC for real-time nostro reconciliation" could actually mean Xcurrent or Xrapid even

DLT PoC, so distributed ledger technology proof of concept. In-house software or 3rd party provided one (Ripple)? ???

xCurrent runs on DLT but doesn't remove the liquidity problem (nostro/vostro)... 

Would be actually interesting to know more. 

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19 minutes ago, BluKoo said:

I was doing a little window shopping for a fun little toy earlier and spotted this...




So it looks like their CNY shindig might come to an end on Sunday and normality will resume on Monday (maybe).

A mini semi-automatic stainless steel crossbow? WTF?

Crossbow with 200 bamboo sticks toy for childrens gifts? What could possibly go wrong? :blink:

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47 minutes ago, zenkert said:

Nav must be Navy Seals or something like that.
But in the end it is only US citizens that care sooooooooooooooooooooo much about Coinbase adding XRP.
The rest of the World, and it is pretty B I G, does not care a damn about Coinbase adding XRP.

hmm, not for reloading the jukebox but.

I have bought french books about blockchain. In the first part they explain how to create your first wallet.

Was very surprised when i saw the website they adviced.

I let you think about which one i mention  :diablo:

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6 hours ago, CaptainHook said:

When markets are flat people get depressed about it. Ripple will not only go to the moon but rocket across the universe. the stars will sing out, the planets will allaign in perfect unison, Ripple will cure world hunger, bring peace and prosperity to all, be accepted by the central bank of heaven, and will make bacon a healthy, tasty treat for all. (pep talk for the day!!!)

I can believe everything you say except the bacon reference. The world would just be in perfect harmony if that ever happened. Just not possible for Ripple to do that. 

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