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Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

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Just now, ripplewaytogo said:

Thanks, you too. I will sell everything at $10 then never came back again. Wont make the same mistake i did last time.

Yes we were probably all there at 3+ doing the same mistake, i bought at 25 cents, lol my sister and my mom still screams at me for this "playing" with money like that, what can i say i was just too confident in xrp and i still am :D But the next ATH i will probably sell 15-30% just to stand a side to maybe re-invest them at least, and maybe take som profits.

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45 minutes ago, ripplewaytogo said:

How many people is also at their final position I wonder? 

My final position was purchased 3 days ago. 

my final position seems to be elastic... :unsure: every day I think: this is the lowest point, this is the lowest point... and then the next day: Still lowest point; time to buy more!

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