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7 hours ago, Sheldon said:

@LilBender @dr_ed  Hello. Still in Trrrrrrrrooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn?


I'm probably missing some news, but I haven't heard of tron in recent months.

I still have my bags but thinking about converting some in VET. If I has my TRX in an exchange probably some had already been converted to VET already LOL lucky or not, they are in my nano ledger.


I like them both. I particularly like the staking rewards with TRX, because the payout  is in TRX, and it's decent and regular and lately I seem to be getting "extra" payouts from time to time. I've gotten more than 10K TRX from staking since the first of the year. Not a lot at today's price, but like VET, that income should be substantially leveraged by a rising price, in the future.

I wouldn't argue that perhaps VET might have more upside potential....

Lately TRX price has been hurt by Justin Sun's inability to keep from showing his ass all the time.

I like to have exposure to China, which is the future, for better or worse....and I think TRON is favored by the PROC leadership, along with EOS.

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Just happy to have a crypto in my wallet "doing something". I've gone to Gatehub, kicked the Zerps and told them to wake up.

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For those few of you who are interested in TRX, I thought I might make a post related to staking. I'm a big proponent of staking, and I like to stake TRX.

We're starting to get enough data points to see how staking is working out, I think. Staking rewards seem pretty level, compared to the coin price. FYI.

(Comments encouraged, including critical ones. Yes, I already know Justin Sun is a d!ck.)



First you can see that the TRX staking rewards are turning out to be fairly stable so far... (edited) 


And if you take a hypothetical 1M TRX and stake it you make, at current levels about 120 TRX/day. The return is worth about $750/ year in US dollars.



Consider that if we get back up to very reasonable levels up around .09, that would give a 5X multiplier.(from the current price last night of .01746) ..and get you to $3750/yr...or over 21% roi...just from staking, and that's aside from the 5X capital appreciation. 

What I'm saying is that TRX price does not have to moon to make it an attractive investment. Just a modest increase in price will drive the returns to enough to be a decent income stream to add to one's other retirement vehicles. I think this cash flow opportunity is mostly lost on the average crypto moonboy, but it's significant.

I like staking for reasons that might not be immediately obvious. I like the way staking incentivizes you to stay the course.... One of the pearls I always wanted to put in my book...is that there can be advantages to owning assets that are NOT that highly liquid.  I'm talking about from a psychological perspective. Just like I'm not tempted to sell a piece of real estate because it's such a big deal to go through, even when the market is good....

And.....it's easier to feel good about an asset that has good cash flow. It's hard to make yourself sell it, compared to a strictly speculative asset that isn't acting right at the moment....so easy to sell one of those.  Too easy. (edited) 

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Offered for comic relief:


As the ongoing trade war between US and China continued to encourage crypto-proponents around the world, Cliff Edwards, Tron’s Director of Global Communications, made news by giving the communtiy the latest news on Justin Sun’s lunch with invetsment mogul, Warren Buffett. Edwards appeared in an interview on BlockTV to discuss the same, while also commenting on whether blockchain is the new face of the Internet.

During the initial stages of the interview, Edwards cleared the air on the status of the interview, claiming that the interview is still on and that both parties are yet to decide on a date for the same. The much-anticipated interview was postponed after Tron CEO Justin Sun was hit by a bout of kidney stones. Edwards went on to dismiss speculations that the interview was postponed owing to Sun being arrested by the Chinese government.


I am still long TRX, and staking 100% of my stack. It remains my favorite coin to stake, for the moment, even though I am also staking Kucoin and VET.

I'm envisioning a dinner for three. Buffet, Sun and a PROC party apparatchik wearing a Mao hat.

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