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Brad hints at something HUGE...

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7 minutes ago, Professor Hantzen said:

In my experience, attendees and speakers often swear at blockchain conferences. Blockchains and the cryptocurrency revolution has been built and is maintained largely by people for whom swearing is an intrinsic part of their culture. Expecting them to behave differently when eavesdropping on one of their events may be offensive to them, as it probably should be.

Anyway, I think what Brad said was ******* awesome!

Brad says banks are not going away and Ripple is working within the system.  So that is the environment he has to conduct himself.

Bitcoin crazies  and others go crazy at conferences with f*ck the bank.  They are evil!  F*ck the banks.  We are the bank.

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1 minute ago, princesultan said:

There's a lot of swearing at in speeches at tech conferences. I think it's stupid, but it's very common.

Indeed - however you have to know your audience. Min-Line Banking is maybe the last buttoned-down holdout.

Investment banking has always sounded like a locker-room.

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25 minutes ago, Harfang said:

I disagree with you on this. I think that he is surprised because is experience in dealing with banks is that they are generally reluctant from jumping into using cryptocurrencies. Hence, the existence of Xcurrent. Hearing a big bank's desire from moving straight into Xrapid is surprising because it shows a shift in the interest from banks in actually using xrp right away. 

Yes, that was exactly what I was thinking as well!

Seems like this major player wants to skip the xCurrent step. Maybe because they don't want the whole xrp community to disturb them on Twitter asking whether or not XRP will be used?

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30 minutes ago, Coin_Hound said:

How long will it take before Bitcoin becomes useful? Oh, that’s right, never. 

I had to laugh so hard I spit on my table. Thanks for making me giggle. And BTW, I would wait 10 years for all this to happen. So, whatever. Hater gonna hate anyway. 

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Just want to point that Brad talked about largest CENTRAL BANK in the world. And this is The Federal Reserve USA. 

Here the list of Big Four :

1. The Federal Reserve.

2. The Bank of England.

3. The Bank of Japan.

4. The European Central Bank.


Anyway, largest commercial banks in the world now located in Asia. Here the list of top 3 banks :

1. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China - has $3.62 trillion in total assets

2. China Construction Bank Corp - has assets of $2.94 trillion.

3. Agricultural Bank of China -has assets of $2.82 trillion.


You may see now why Ripple pays much attention to Asia.:bb:



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