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Brad Garlinghouse gives a hint about one of the world's largest banks wanting to use XRP

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Quick transcript for you buddy: So Brad and this "guy" having a chat. Besides talking about the excellent beard game  of Brad . Brad mentioned one of his babies Xcurrent. But before Brad can do h

This again shows that patience is key.  Ripple has a plan and they are hard at work achieving their goals.  They don’t need to announce or tweet every victory along the way, so long as they win in the

Let me clear this up for those that don’t understand this video.  Brad was talking to a big filthy rich banker about the entry level Ripple tech xCurrent, which doesn’t use XRP.  This filthy

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2 minutes ago, MrClamtastic said:

 I get the sense that ripple could move XRP into the number one position anytime that they feel like it by releasing all the news they actually have stored up but I believe they want to wait till regulation Storm is over and let bitcoin take the heat

Waiting to unleash the marathon War Chest!

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1 hour ago, Ripplista79 said:

Well, maybe I heard wrong.  However, there is no reason xrp could not be used in the crude markets as well.  Just another use case that makes this worth HODLing for 5 years minimum.  

Peru does not have much crude. Mining yes. Oil no. Most of the oil is concentrated in Venezuela/Brazil.

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42 minutes ago, dontsellmeadog said:

I was one of those expats in Cuenca Ecuador for about a year, we worked with Verbo ministries while there, missionary trips out into the jungles helping people, it was awesome. As well as working with their established orphanages to keep the places up and running.  Quite the experience. Cuenca was beautiful. 

Thank you for sharing your experience. I was there for two weeks and loved it. There are gems in Latin America. La Colonia in Uruguay is another one.

Once the banks use xRapid and XRP, it will be easier to buy real estate in those countries. Because the US Dollar buys more there, it will be a gold mine. It's harder, though not impossible, to build substantial wealth in the US, but give me the opportunity to move money globally and in seconds, and I will ride this bull all the way down south of the boarder. If my backpacking experience taught me anything, it is that tremendous opportunities are available down there. Especially in real estate and land development, but the biggest hurdle is SWIFT and moving money to those countries. Once that is taken care of, then it is a done deal...

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This is really exciting news!!

Though the JPMorgan rumours should perhaps not be taken to seriously.



Sadly, for their real-time payments, it looks like they will not use Ripple but The Clearing House's system via swift gateway.

https://www.theclearinghouse.org/press-room/in-the-news/20171114 rtp first new core payments system


From what I understand only domestic payments though.

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