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The Reason Why Banks Are Not jumping on XRP yet!

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Yes, hopefully everyone understands this already. The fact that any company is actually using XRP right now in any capacity is a miracle and testament to the Ripple team. No other cryptocurrency can claim the same achievement. 


Notwithstanding, any significant use of XRP for what it is meant for is near a decade and complete revolution in the cryptospace away.

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It was clearly stated by the panel of customers at SWELL 2017 that there first needs to be regulation on both sides of transaction. If I remember correctly, they estimated it may take 3 years before such regulation is in place.

I am of an opinion that those of us who are serious about our investment should be in a "patience mode" and just wait it out.

While it may sound like FUD, it may be true that currently, the banks "do not want" XRP.

I think a recent comment from their Product VP about FIs in Asia having higher risk appetites causing that there is generally more demand is also relevant here. I expect that the usage of XRP by FIs will occur here first.

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7 minutes ago, xh3b4sd said:

I think it is more like they would like to but cannot use it fully because of regulatory, liquidity and technological issues which have to be sorted first. I am aware this will take another couple years and I am cool with this. I am confident and just enjoy the ride. 

I agree with you. I used the quotation marks to indicate this without saying the actual words :).

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