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My experience and thoughts from selling XRP coins on EBAY...BEWARE!

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I'll admit I haven't read the post cause I'm actually curious why would one buy/sell coins on ebay or anywhere else other than on exchanges 

I agree, but I divide resources into those that are appropriate for: Day traders  (Twitter / Discord / Exchange Charts) Swing traders (Reddit / XRPChat / Quorra / Official Ripple Twitter

Very sound advice. Especially the research.  I am not a fan of Twitter at all, it is pure emotion.

17 hours ago, Benchmark said:

You can take the risk, but don't come crying here when you lost either XRP or fiat.

In my opinion it's a completely unnecessary risk to make a few extra pennies.

This is no crying as i won both cases (or any other case ever with any company, when i was right)!

It is information that people can use to win their cases, because they work as in my perspective they are nicely put.

I did not make extra pennies in the end paypal insurance paid me back and i sold 500 coins not for 600 USD but for 1800 USD.

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18 hours ago, will4star said:

But there's an important difference between letting people sell something, and covering them for any losses/fraud. Even if yuou can sell something under a proper heading, that doesn't mean you are legally protected as a seller, or entitled to compensation. That's why Terms and Conditions exist, and it's important to read them rather than just assuming something.

But by all means, take it up with PayPal and fight the good fight.

P.S. I know this because I sold ~250 xrp a while ago on eBay -- But I checked all the destination addresses provided (many of which had really dodgy activity, or were even duplicates!), and the T's and C's to see if I was covered (which I wasn't). I had about 12 purchases that were later recalled due to being from stolen accounts, but fortunately didn't send any XRP till I was sure. Only 1 purchase was legit. It seems like a place identity thieves and hackers go to skim up free crypto from unsuspecting sellers - Even if it is a quick and 'easy' way to sell XRP for your native fiat, my advice is to stay away. It's not worth the fuss, or the risk of getting caught out.



@marousi - did you accept payment by PayPal? And what was the public address they sent you for the XRP? (Did you check it first?)


I understand what you are saying and i know about their terms but in my opinion their terms is **** as they cannot offer a gateway of selling anything and not covering when accounts are hacked!  Hacked accounts is not my or anyone's problem except for the account provider = ebay, paypal.

If the account owner is hacked because he/she has their password somewhere online, then it is their problem.

In any case i do not consider it logical to be a problem of the seller, if he is legitimate to send what is ordered.

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Paypal is one of the worst service for sellers.

They donot care about the sellers, no matter what.

We sell Physical ripple coins at https://shop.dcryptonation.com and there we were selling ripple, bitcoin and other coins at  99 cent per coin with a  clear policy.

As soon as we realize the immense charge paypal was putting upon us, we shifted to XRP as payment. We are building XRP payment gateway for our shopify store and i am pretty positive that it will solve many problems altogether.

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