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ALERT! coinbase / gdax may be insolvent?

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Take this with a grain of salt.....

This post assumes that Coinbase has an *obligation* to give ETC coins to its customers.

And Coinbase has already "given" ETC to some of its users due to replay attack. And due to replay attack Coinbase has also received some extra ETC.




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I think people have a bit of an unreasonable expectation. While it might have been foreseeable that it would be uncertain for a time which chain would "win", unless you were one of the ones planning it, I don't think it was foreseeable that the two chains would both continue to exist and go their separate ways. Given that, it would not have seemed completely unreasonable to process withdrawals on both chains -- otherwise, you might have given customers funds that turned out to be worthless. The deposits were, in effect, on both chains.

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As far as I can tell, Coinbase was pretty clear about their decision not to support ETC prior to the launch of ETH on their network. I don't think they have an obligation to honor ETC at this time. If you want your ETC you need to trade on a supportive exchange like Kraken or Polo.

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