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Ripple Desktop Wallet - missing deposit, no reply from them


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I recently decided to put some faith into ripple, I downloaded Ripple Desktop Wallet and transferred 21 XRP to validate it. Nothing has arrived and the wallet isn't activated. In good old crypto style neither the exchange who sent nor Ripple Desktop Wallet are replying to my requests for help and it's not like I can see anything myself. Can anyone suggest what to do? It's not a huge amount of money but I have more XRP I want to take off the exchange. What software wallet to use?

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Hi Smokio,

I cant offer any help, but perhaps take some comfort from the fact that I appear to be in a similar situation to yourself.

I deposited c. GBP 50 (exch to USD ~ 73) into my newly created Gatehub Ripple wallet and it hasnt yet arrived.  My Ripple wallet has been credited with the 'activation' 20 XRP (roughly USD 20), but no sign of the other c. USD 53 yet....

I sent this amount as a 'test run' before transferring a larger amount to buy more XRP.

I created the account/wallet on the 29/01, and the wallet was only activated today 01/02, so I'm assuming the remainder of my money will be deposited imminently.

Surely I should receive into my wallet the full ~ USD 73 that I 'transferred in'?

Anyone had a similar experience?

If it isnt obvious already, I am a complete novice at this - not looking to day-trade, planning to hold for a loooooooooooong time.

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@Smokio, this is not a wallet issue but a transaction issue. It will happen no matter what wallet you use because the originator of the payment had an error when creating the transaction. There is no such thing as a payment that failed and was not returned to the originator, the payment never left the originator's account. Contact the originator and clarify that.

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