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Are you "all-in"?

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All in! I ride this horse alone. My bets are placed. My pockets are empty. God bless. 

80% investment in xrp 20% gambling with altcoins

I am "ALL IN" but maybe not how you mean. As far as my super speculative risk funds..its all in Ripple..but that's it I'm am diversified across other assets like stocks and fiat currencies in lower ti

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17 minutes ago, tulo said:

Always diversify...that's the basic rule. I have probably 50% xrp, then btc eth etc rep str doge bch dash exp zec ntx eos :)

I agree basically. But by diversifying you’re also averaging down your (possible) profits. So since I have a relative small amount of money in crypto, I decided to go 90% for XRP.  All or nothing, no nuts no glory.  Ofcourse my hope is that I’ve put my money on the winning horse. 

When (!) thats the case , I’ll diversify, not only in crypto but also stocks, real estate and yes, a savings account. Looking at it only once per day cause the wifi is terrible on my tropic island. 

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