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Discussions about the market capitalization of Ripple are all the rage. In my latest blog, I discuss this controversial topic and point out some historical facts and future trends for readers to consi

Stranger things had happened ... who would have thought that Tesla would succeed despite push from oil companies to derail and stall most electric car attempts since the 1980s.  Who would’ve thought t

That was one of the scariest blogs I've read in a while. Because, money is power, and with great power comes great responsibility. The amount of responsibility you're talking about, the potential

Hi Hodor,

Been reading all your blogs for a long time. Greatly written as always.

In this blog, you mentioned exact things that I envision and tried to mention in this post - 

Although, mine wasn't as articulate as yours; I share the same sentiment. People don't realize how big Ripple can be.

Also, more than the riches I'm going to get from this investment, I'm excited about the journey and the story I'll have with me for a lifetime. Frictionless, instant cross-border payments, IMHO, are going to forever change and massively accelerate trade and commerce.

I feel proud to be a part of this economic revolution.

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9 minutes ago, LordAMV said:

Very well written - and I like the prediction, to say the least!  My question is - when do you THINK that $17 will happen, and when do you think $100+ could happen?

Thank you for the encouragement. 

Re: price predictions.  I'm not 100% sure, but I think I've been saying $20-40 USD is probably my top range for 2018, and I'd say $5-10 is my rock bottom range for XRP.  At this point it's dependent on how fast / quickly xRapid is adopted by large corporates, Internet companies, and banks & FIs. 

I've been seeing some *interesting* tweets from Adrian Hope-Bailie about the new web payments standard recently.  I have a feeling there will be some new progress in micropayments area that might drive XRP price even higher potentially. 

This is all just my opinion, however, so please DYOR - especially when it comes to price predictions.  

Yes, I think $100 could happen. 

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Hodor - thanks for another great article. 

I wish you touched on the fact that market cap for Ripple is different than it's asset holdings of XRP.  Specifically, there is a valuation to the company Ripple (and I believe one can buy shares on secondary private equity exchanges if approved).  Their XRP holdings are more comparable to the assets on the balance sheet of major financial companies - take Wells Fargo, Citibank, Bof A for example - Assets int he multi-trillion$$ but market caps in the multi-hundred billion$$$.  I think this fact pattern does well to fight the argument that any "market cap" is "too big".

As you stated you are well schooled in fundamental analysis - so you understand how company stocks are valued (at the simplest level present value of future earnings) and it is not the sum of the balance sheet assets.


Food for thought in this on-going chess game to clarify information....





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