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Poloniex -what happened to my XRP?


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I have asked for withdrawal of my XRP from Poloniex. The request stayed at pending for hours before passing to complete with a Txid that's not recognised by the official xrpcharts as a transaction hash at the same time my wallet wasn't funded.

Even after submitting a support ticket since 4 days I didn't received any answer.

Any idea about this issue?

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I have been scaling out of Poloniex for a week or so, and occasionally the transfer would go to "Pending" and stay that way for a couple of hours. After cancelling it and trying again, all my small transfers went through and I'm glad to be off that exchange. The support is non existent so basically if you get a problem they don't care, and you just hope it goes through eventually. Only transfer small amounts so if you get a problem, it's not your entire holding at stake. THis can take a while so be patient.

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