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Gatehub, are you there?


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Just would like to start a little thread for people who have outstanding Deposits or Withdrawals in any currency or crypto through Gatehub Limited.

How long have you been waiting?  Has support responded to your support ticket?  If you have received your funds, how long did it take?

Any information on other ways to get in contact with Gatehub Limited post it.

I'll start

Been with Gatehub since Jan 2017, never any problems with Deposits or Withdrawals or sending crypto, support has been a little slow in the past, but always got answered.

I did a withdrawal to EU bank on Jan 11, 2018,  as of today the money has not hit my bank or credited back to my Gatehub acct, 2 support tickets have been opened and only the auto-reply email from Gatehub.  That's it!

Here's a couple of tweets and post from their blog about the current status




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I did a third party deposit - i know, it's clear on the page that that is not possible but i must have missed it - and about two weeks after I received a nice e-mail from customer support tho ask me what the relations between the third party and myself was. I responded with a clear answer and, at the same time, asking them what would follow now. Money back to the account it came from or would it proceed after my explaination? Now, couple of resends of that email later, still no response. We're about 4 weeks in that routine at the moment...

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Gatehub lost 2 of my transactions. The first was a transfer to coinbase of .99 ETH, the destination address never appeared on the Ethereum blockchain. The address I sent it to was     0x2EDeCc08684d108b00761671e319c4955490FDdD. This was on  January 5,2018 18 days ago.
The 2nd transaction was a simple exchange of ETH for XRP. I should have received 6 XRP, the did take out their transaction fee on both transactions.

I have contacted their customer support several times - they do not reply.

Other transactions I have made with other exchanges have not had a problem.  

18 Days - No response from customer service - Transactions missing. Over $1,000 USD. 

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So, still no funds to my bank, but I just a little test and withdrew 50€ from Gatehub to Bank, were going to see if the NEW talks that Gatehub supposedly has had with their bank Gorenjska banka d.d., Kranj will be any faster.  I read somewhere in Reddit that some people recently did some withdrawals and they were successful and fast.  Guess we'll see



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I keep getting this when I sign in....


....and then they don't send an e-mail.  Seriously I'm waiting on about 15-20 e-mails from them.  It's fkn ridiculous.

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