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GateHub Ripple Wallet Trust Setting - Error


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Hi All

Have just set up on Gatehub - sofar so good, 

however even after full verification,  a EU bank transfer and a BTC  TX from Coinbase,  and using alternative Ripple public keys there is the classic error sign when submitting any Gatehub, BitStamp and 3rd party trust key 

Gatehub acknowledged that the funds are present but need a trust key ( 7 emails.....)  

Raised 2 tickets, whilst I await a decent response,  some questions - 

I have scooted round many blogs talking that someone external can deposit 20 XRP directly to the wallet to get it moving - but how can that really work seeing that a trust code has to be set and second according to the deposit page,  no third parties are accepted .

Also Gatehub also state on their help page that on funds being there,  20 XRP will be deposited by Gatehub to get the wallet active.

To test the  need for Trust -  why then now I set up an alternative  Hosted Wallet  - no trust keys are required.  Is it possible to buy XRP and then open .... 

Any feedback from XRP Gatehub experts would be super.

Just incase anyone can assist  with a workaround - the wallet is rr7ZaoDph4DiJxayrHX4dSHond9HMxrRT



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Your post is a mess and doesn't make much sense.  Before you can do anything on Gatehub, you need to have 20 XRP in your Ripple wallet.  Nothing on their website seems to work until that bare minimum is established.  Beyond that, you need 5 XRP for each connected gateway/trustline.  Gateway/trustlines are used to enable wallets for other currency in your account (BTC/ETH/etc...).  I recommend a BARE MINIMUM of 40 XRP to rule out having a low balance as an error causing issue.

To initially fund your account, purchase XRP from another source (such as Binance) and send to your Ripple wallet.

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