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Apple to repatriate from overseas USD$200Bn for domestic tax concessions; Amazon to commence global ad platform.

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Source: Bloomberg.

With December changes in US corporation tax policy, large corporates will be able to repatriate Billions of overseas revenues in a single year, and pay a reduced US taxation on this money over the following 8 years: 


In the meantime, from today’s (always excellent) Bob Hoffman Type-A email, Amazon are developping their own global advertising platform to increase profits (they only currently achieve a 1% margin), and to compete with Google and Facebook. Google and Facebook make ALL their money from the ads they sell. Amazon will therefore also soon have significant overseas revenues to repatriate:


What better way to repatriate all those $Bns of dollars than using Ripple products and/or XRP?

Interesting times...


PS. Bob Hoffman is ‘The Ad Contrarian’. As a former adman myself, I take great delight in him exposing digital ad fraud. You think bots manipulate markets? They steal ad dollars even quicker and better.


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