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Thank You Xrp Chat Members

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3 hours ago, XrpAdvocate said:

Hi Everyone,

Been lurking these forums for months and just created my account.  I took a deep dive into researching cryptocurrency back in early summer of 2017. Came to the conclusion that Xrp was going to be the best bet since I missed the bus on BTC and ETH.  Made my 1st xrp purchase around Aug/Sept.  I am no expert in technical analysis however quickly observed that xrp hadn't had the spike that all other top coins had when studying the chart patterns..  In addition, I was enamored by the corporate structure of Ripple as an organization.  The passion, experience, and level of education of the team was very impressive.  In addition to high profile advisors and investors.   I also shared the sentiment that although cryptocurrency will continue to gain popularity I didn't  believe the banks were going away anytime soon if not ever.  I felt more secure investing in a real business with a real team that was transparent (compared to other crypto teams) and was located in silicone valley USA.  If your in the technology industry you want to be located in silicone valley because you will have access to some of most tech savvy, educated and experienced workforce in the country as it pertains to technology. 

After lurking many crypto forums as part of my crypto deep dive to learn everything there is to learn about the cryptoverse I quickly realized that the members on xrpchat are like minded.  Although I don't agree with all members I respect their opinions and ideas. I also realized that I want to learn more about crypto from logical, educated, tech and biz savvy individuals who are grounded and well informed and have a sense of humor.  Xrp chat members fit the profile. A very diverse group which compliment each other as a whole.  This forum its members have been extremely reassuring to me everyday that I made a wise decision betting on Xrp.  I have not sold any of my zerps and will continue to add to my stash and hold!!!

And for that I would like to thank you all and give you all an IOU drinks on me when we hit $50 per xrp to celebrate one of many more milestones to come for Xrp!

Thank You,

future xrp millionaire 


What took you so long?

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