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Cannot submit secret key to rippex app when creating a new account


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Basically what the title says. I am trying to get my XRP back and to do this I am attempting to use my secret key provided by rippex to create a new account. The only problem is I can't even enter my secret key, at first I thought I must've missed a character but no character amount will allow me to proceed. I tried this on three different computers (two linux, one windows) and each time I try it's not that my secret key wont work it's no secret key, no matter what character amount is it will not allow me to continue the account creation process using a secret key.

Is this a bug with the rippex application, has this happened to anyone else, does anyone have a work around?  Oh also I have a txn file (all that survived from old computer) and rippex says its corrupt even though I can open and read it.

Pic is what I am seeing on my end the "create new account" button remains unclickable


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