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Seeing there are a number of people in here interested in how to use charts to their benefit, I figure I'd make a Topic on charts specifically for XRP.. First rule: Charts do not decide the pri

Here you go. I had to dictate, spell check, and edit so its appropriate for the board. take it with a grain of salt. its an opinion; not fact: Record me? sure why not. late 60s early 70s no one w

One of my good pals who does not have a position in XRP (he's so old unfortunately he wont be around much longer) has been researching Ripple/XRP for me for several weeks (to give him something to do)

4 hours ago, MyHubbyIsveryStrong said:

So who wrote all that stuff like end of laputa etc, it definitely wasn’t joe shnoe of the street 


3 hours ago, bm32533476 said:

It basically was. Do your research, it's all over the forums.

As an almost Gold member I will say that an honest question asked politely deserves an honest answer and not just to be made fun of.... @bm32533476 that's a good life lesson to learn.

It was an escrow release.  

So yeah, it was some Joe or Jane off of the street.

At the end of the month any XRP not sold from escrow gets put back into escrow for another 5 years.  While I am unsure as to HOW, there are how to's on the forum that would allow ANYONE to do the escrow release - which means that anyone can put in whatever message they want.  They can be funny, but not related to Ripple at all.

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8 hours ago, Snoopy said:

As an almost Gold member I will say that an honest question asked politely deserves an honest answer and not just to be made fun of.... @bm32533476 that's a good life lesson to learn.

I would agree in general, but looking at the response I received I'd still reply the same way to this person :)  It's a 2-way process.

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On 10/15/2018 at 8:45 PM, Snoopy said:


So I gotta ask, what are your thoughts on all of this tether stuff...

i believe tether is no different than any other investment/entity and swings up and down according to investor sentiment. 

i think its ridiculous the people running tether consistently refuse to prove (unequivocally) that each USDT is backed by US dollars.

Bitfinex keeps stalling, leonardo real keeps repeating that everything is fine, and yet they refuse to show a simple 1:1 relationship between tether and the dollar.

my hope is that tether and bitfinex fail miserably in a glorious and dramatic ball of fire. its time to start cleaning out the trash, bringing in regulations, and creating strict standardization across the entire crypto market. 

They have until October 26th to prove everything is a simple misunderstanding and that the issue was that they are creating a better fiat deposit system. Of course, how will they disprove the mess theyre having with HSBC? 


We'll see.

The issue with these people is that they are in a habit of only releasing words of comfort AFTER panic has set in...


"Bitfinex Releases Statement on Fiat Deposits After Panic Causes Bitcoin..."

I am a strong supporter of the theory that bitfinex manipulated BTCUSD's price. There is simply no way a run to $20,000 was organic. 

I dont know about you, but if you ignore the candles in black, the chart sure looks more of a natural progression to me..



lastly, i believe the individuals behind tether think they are untouchable. Who exactly audits them to be sure theyre on the up and up? Last time i checked their auditor friedman llp mysteriously disappeared into a cloud of fairy dust.

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