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Took Gatehub 9 days


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I know people have been ranting about Gatehub, but I too want to add onto what they're saying about Gatehub.

It took me 9 days to get the ETH that I sent to my wallet on Gatehub. I sent them 3 tickets and I never got a response to any of them.


I highly recommend everybody to stay away from Gatehub. Maybe it's just an ETH problem, maybe it's a problem with every coin, I don't know.

But I'm using them as a wallet and letting my coins sit for a minute before I find a new wallet to switch to.

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It is not only ETH, it is the same for ETC, DASH, etc. As I posted before, people need to STAY AWAY FROM GATEHUB.

They became a joke but people do not listen including myself, STOP USING GATEHUB.

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