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Hi all.

Wondering if someone can answer some questions about sending FIAT to the Bitstamp/Gatehub exchanges (no point asking them, as I'd like the answer before March!).

1. If I want to trade the USD/XRP pair, what is the best way to deposit FIAT if I have Euros and GBP? Exchange it first and send them Dollars or use their exchange rate (I can't find it anywhere on their respective sites)? If they do the exchange do they change the currency "on the fly" when I make a trade or is there some way of doing it myself?

2. Can I use my own (Rippex) wallet to buy XRP or do I have to use their hosted wallet? Or even do I have to waste another 20 XRP creating a new one?



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I can answer your questions for Gatehub, not Bitstamp.

1. I wouldn't trust depositing FIAT for Gatehub.  If something goes wrong, you'll never hear from support.  I recommend using a trusted site to purchase crypto (BTC/ETH/LTC) to transfer to your Gatehub account in order to convert for XRP.

2. I believe you can import your Rippex wallet into Gatehub, but I've never done it.  If they don't let you, then yes, you'll need 20 more XRP for the reserve on Gatehub.  Additionally, you'll need more than 20 XRP in your wallet if you plan to connect any gateways (need 5 xrp for each of those).

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