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Stock Market Forecast for Next Three Months (Q1 2018)

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Stock Market Forecast for the Next Three Months

The Dow is approaching 26,000 points. Wall Street continues to rise in the wake of the corporate tax break announced just before Christmas. Thus, the market rally continues and nobody seems to care that the tax break risks pushing U.S. debt to the point of no return. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that stock market predictions for the next three months (Q1 2018) remain bullish—at least according to mainstream logic.

Read Here... https://www.lombardiletter.com/stock-market-forecast-for-next-three-months-q1-2018/25633/?utm_source=OnSite&utm_medium=HomePage&utm_content={home}




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The US definitely has an issue - as do most other countries at this point - but continuing to do the same things was insanity. 

The tax breaks are keeping business here and bringing business back. Did you read about Apple yesterday? They said over the next 5 years they will bring a new campus here, 20,000 jobs, and 350 bn to our economy. The extra jobs and income that that will create is mind blowing. 

For example, if you take a factory and it shuts down in a town....That factory provided jobs for people in several other industries. Those people spent money in that town, from buying coffees to jet skis. I've seen this happen first hand (a factory closing and it's affect on a town's economy). I used to live in an automotive manufacturing town during the 2008 crisis. The entire town went belly up. 

I see companies happy about the economy and investing everywhere. 

Is it too little too late? Probably. But it might stall things for awhile. 

End rant, haha

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