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Lost my trust in GATEHUB January 5th I sent eth from gatehub to coinbase but it never arrived


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I am a big fan of ripple! and will continue to do so. I am very happy with my investments in ripple. I am also a fan of ethereum. so I thought I'm going to exchange some ripples for eth on gatehub. everything went well! eth was in my eth wallet on gatehub.

I sent my ethereum to coinbase on January 5 to this day still nothing received. I have contacted gatehub several times, but I have not received an answer. there is no sign of life at all, and I find that very unfortunate because it shows behavior of scammers. I do not say that they are scammers but this is behavior of a scammer. it is now 13 days ago and still no movement or answer. my trust in gatehub was great but it is now totally gone. I do not advise people to use gatehub at this moment. my eth is approved in the ripple hash.
ACDAD56FD19BE495307D4B3B2C9DC1C28FF8DCCD685D0C8DA00F35F9EFD0A97E but not on etherscan

What should I do to people?




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I deposited 1,00 ETH from Binance to Gatehub ETH GAteway on the 13th of Jan.

Now almost a week later i still didnt receive anything i had a ETHadress from Gatehub and on etherscan the deposit is confirmed.

There is no reaction at all from the Gatehub emailsupport it was my first deposit to GAteway Ethereum all XRP deposits are going well.


I  read there are more problems does anyone has a comment on how to solve this.

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