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Ripple-Cloud Wallet and their XRP giveaway


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Hi all! long time lurker but figured Id jump in with a question.

I recently won an 500 XRP giveaway by ripple-cloud.com however, the catch with this give away is that it is a "deposit bonus" of 20%  (up to 500 XRP) on top of whatever I deposit into their wallet. I activated the wallet itself no problem and it seems legit but I am worried about depositing a good chunk of XRP into the wallet, just to claim the bonus, only to see it go poof .

Does anyone have experience with ripple-cloud's wallet and are they a legitimate operation? 

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Thanks for your input! My gut was telling me it felt off, unfortunately at the time of activating the wallet they hadn't said it was a "Deposit Bonus"  so I thought they would just be sending me 500 XRP after activating the wallet.

On another note, when I logged into the account today to see if I could pull out the 5 extra XRP I had put in there was a random extra 20 XRP in there. I am trying to pull out but the request has been "in progress" for an hour or so now. Well see, maybe I can just make it a wash! 

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