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Something shady is going on various exchanges


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I have spent some hours searching  hacked accounts related problems, and  this involves various exchangers , like blockchain.info , coinbase, gatehub , shapeshift , and  so on. I have carefully read  the reports of the stolen coins , and all exchangers gave the blame to the clients, but the victims claim that in some cases, and there are many cases around , they didn't store the passwords and secret keys on the internet or in mails, so I do not think these people was  hacked  because are all stupids , but I think some of them  may be right when they claim  their computers  was clean by virus,  and  they wrote on paper only passwords and keys and  never shared with anyone , and they  also claim they didn't lose their credentials somewhere, I think there is something true in what they claim , and they not just a bunch of stupids. So, if this true , as I believe it' is, there is something shady going on behind the exchanges, my supposition is  that someone of them , insiders, I mean, sometimes like to steal casual customers funds  , not a lot, but a tiny %. I'm sorry if I'm unclear  in what I wrote, I do not speak  english.

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