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Hi guys, I have a gatehub wallet and I want to withdraw euros into my bank account but when I do send payment and select the eubank at that time it shows to connect a gateway and I did. It's been 2 weeks since I connected a gateway and it shows pending. what should I do and how much time it takes to connect a gateway. Thanks.

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Solutions: get rid of Gatehub.  I've had a pending USD gateway for 2 months now.  No response from support.  I've heard others having the same problem.  Even if your gateway DID connect, I wouldn't recommend using it.  If something goes wrong, you'll be waiting months for support to get back to you (if they ever do).  Transfer your crypto to another exchange in order to convert to FIAT.

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17 hours ago, RDS said:

why ltc precisely.. ? just curious... ?

LTC transfers faster than ETH and BTC, so the chance of losing some money (price drops) during transfer is reduced.  There are also frequent issues/delays with BTC and ETH transfers, so LTC is my preferred method for cashing out at Coinbase

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14 hours ago, frenktenk said:

Gatehub is the worst **** i've ever experienced. Still waiting on btc from 28 December.

Have faith.  Finally got my .19 eth from Dec 23rd just today.  Make sure you have more than enough XRP in your Ripple wallet for Ripple reserve and all connected gateways.

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