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(He-who-shall-not-be-named) is Dumping His Position


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- EDIT 2:

The dumper sold most of his 200M he originally planned on selling (10M remaining still).

No activity yet on if he's selling more (still has 888M to start dumping again any time he wants,

but he doesn't want that now. He'll wait for buyer force to build up again so he can dump again

later on at a higher price). 


Additionally this dumper is 100% operating within legal contractual limits, so don't think about contacting

the Ripple team about it, they already know and they can't do anything about him (he's already left the company).



On a good note, the market is rising. Every who bought at sub $1, did very well, for now.




- Original Post (with some relevant edits):


This person (identity not certain) has decided to dump about 200M XRP this week starting on Jan 9th.

(Selling 10M~40M every single day, possibly causing the severe dip/crash on 16th and the 17th)

This person has ~7.3B XRP, donated 2B to a donor-advised account with ~4B locked in escrow.


All the XRP funds are getting funneled in to various Bifinex and Bitstamp user accounts by millions.

(Perhaps, selling to exchange traders at a discounted price, like $0.50/XRP)


https://bithomp.com/explorer/rpu1bJ77ofBwNLubcGNM2GipuHLuadsh8P (Selling Account Funded by Dumper)

https://bithomp.com/explorer/rDahLhHJaowRYn4hRkS9S2YpAeiTR8mjBF (Dumper's Personal Account)

https://bithomp.com/explorer/rwSy4ZmW1hvpziYyeVQ35yhMTYtEEpZPtA (Fund Origin Account, Controlled By Ripple?)


Who is this person?




- EDIT 1:

To clarify, XRP will do well and rebound once the 200M+ sell-off orders are gone, because the technology is indeed superior amongst current competition.

In the meantime, exchange traders who are either working for him or bought from him at a discount need to make profit so they are selling hard

by large sums right now, making the price to dip inevitably.


In the long run, this hoarder dumping XRP into market is good for further decentralization.

Frees up more XRP coins for other ordinary folks to use. (20 XRP wallet activation is now under $20 USD)

Plus, Ripple can gain a lot if price holds $1 for a long time. (it shows price stability to banking sectors so they

can actually use XRP for settlement, thus Ripple as an institution may want this to happen and coordinate accordingly.)


It's a shame that this dumping is uncontrolled, and affecting those poor folks who bought at $2+

getting manipulated and shaken out of position from otherwise a very promising product.

(And this person is dumping just barely within his legal contract; nothing Ripple can do.

Ripple giving out large sums of coins to founders & partners, rather than as company stock was a BIG MISTAKE.)


Overall XRP 2018 projection is still very bright, be patient, my friends.




"[REDACTED], who left the company in 2013 and later came to an agreement with Ripple over the XRP he owns. [REDACTED] said he donated 2 billion XRP to a donor-advised fund. The remaining 5.3 billion XRP as of February 2016 are in a custody account at Ripple and are meted out to him on a monthly basis. Since the agreement was reached, he has been allowed to sell less than 1% of average daily volume on one exchange that now itself accounts for only 1%-2% of all XRP trading volume. If [REDACTED] had access to all of the XRP at once, he would be a billionaire."

1% of XRP trading volume = easily 10M~30M per day

(24h daily volume usually at 3B~10B; 1% of 3B~10B  = 30M~100M)




Other Useful Large Account Tracking, done by an acquaintance of mine.




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25 minutes ago, JKK_XRPIS said:

This person (identity not certain) has decided to dump about 200M XRP this week, selling 50~100M within 24hr.

This person has ~7.3B XRP, donated 2B to an advised account with ~4B locked in escrow.

https://bithomp.com/explorer/rpu1bJ77ofBwNLubcGNM2GipuHLuadsh8P (Selling Account)

https://bithomp.com/explorer/raZt9CZHwHiAPZPWGLZ4bQJG91Jmdbjccm (Origin Account)



Who is this person?



200 mln sold out of 5 bln is nothing, thats less than 5% sold, if I have that much I would have sold a lot much, maybe 20-30%

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This could potentially mean very bad press for Ripple and the whole project.

There are not too many names that have 5b coins.

As you seem to have insider information, feel free to share more.

Someone went to great lengths putting this illustration together.

This is protected space and sure we appreciate transparency.

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2 minutes ago, Pranavan said:

It’s obviously Chris Larsen. That’s not a great sign. 

I'd bet this is him, also. However, it is not uncommon for such people to offload stock, shares, etc. Could build liquidity. Maybe something else in the pipeline.

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What's up with the animal stickers and cryptic codes? Makes whoever put this together look batshlt crazy with any kind of of explanation. 

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5 minutes ago, Bergusan said:

Hm... he picked an odd time to sell. He would have made a lot more money a week ago. Unless he is trying to find where the support base is...

ATH was Jan 4, so starting to dump on Jan 9 is not such a bad timing...

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