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XRP will be stable at $100USD within the next five years and here's why, this asset is not like the others in that this asset was designed to address two major problems that have been imbedded in our financial industry since its inception, "SPEED AND COST" at this point you really do need to put aside trivial things like market cap or (muppet cap) as i like to say and gdp which as i will explain really will have little to do with the value of XRP. if you no anything about ripple then you would no how complete there team are none more so than David Shwartz and brad garlinghouse the product of ripple could not be promoted any better some might say,  but i believe an even better job is being done to under sell xrp to the public. let me explain stage one if you will. promote xrp to the world to fund this incredible project. stage two totally drop the promotion of xrp to promote the blockchain software ripple. its at this stage that ripple and the financial sector are working together to slowly manipulate the price down. remember speed and cost, never before has the financial industry had such a powerful tool at its disposal the revenue that will be generated plus the revenue that will be freed up (Nostra Vostra) is at this stage mind blowing. now remember what both david shwartz and brad garlinghouse have both said in a kind of subtle way the higher the value of the asset (xrp) the more liquidity ie processing speed. so we have value = speed talk about going out of your way to under value xrp! look i could go on and on so instead here tis. based on my theory the price of the asset xrp will start to move once the financial sector have the majority of the asset xrp (ripple labs are selling them 65 bln xrp over five years) which combined with the fact that they will be buying xrp up in the dips over the same period of time and shaking out the weak hands. So as you can see based on my theory the asset xrp will and needs to be controlled by the industry it was created for.  so if you let your ripple collect some dust for about that long i think that they will be worth enough to make google and microsoft shares look like penny stocks.

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