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On January 5th I tried to set up a wallet and I still have a message staing.

USD Gateway is pending. You will be able to deposit once they approve you.

I want to deposit us dollars into my account.

Wallet address is 


I must have done something wrong but I have received no emails or any information.

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Welcome to GateHub, where nothing works right and support is non-existent. 

Looking at your account, however, shows me that you haven't deposited the minimum required XRP to activate your Ripple wallet.  You need 20 XRP to activate the wallet, and 5 XRP for each gateway you have connected.  Deposit 25+ XRP to your wallet and your gateway will move forward.  FYI - I've had my USD wallet "pending" activation for 4 weeks now.  Gatehub has to manually activate that link, since they have to do some compliance checks on their end, so it will take a long while before you see it working.

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5 hours ago, slickrick said:

How do I deposit xrp when I have no funds to purchase them?


I mean, you don't...  You can't put money into the bank if you have no money to put there.  You're in a classic catch 22.  

Save up some more money and purchase some BTC/ETH on coinbase, transfer to your GDAX account, send to Binance (or another site with XRP), trade for XRP, send XRP to GateHub.  

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