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(please check my profile for prior threads: this post builds off my country threads) ***"this is all speculation"*** The Monetary Authority of Singapore For several years now, the Monet

UPDATE 11-15-2018  

"The Governor also mentioned that the bank has begun working together with the Bank of Canada, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and some private-sector organizations to upgrade inter-bank cross-bo

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this class and quality of work/research and article, my gosh. Gonna take time and delve into each connection made. Astounding @mars75. thanks for this. many thigns makes sense, some a bit "dot-connecting-rabbit-hole-reminiscent" , never the less... very valuable.  needless to say, thanks buddy ! -- R8

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1 minute ago, Hodlezerper said:

So if this happens and the crypto market crashes, do we expect a license will be required to buy and sell XRP? Will exchanges survive?

Will we be bag holders with no way to sell? Imagine if regulations existed that made it impossible to get out after new rules were put in place...

All great questions and in my opinion highlight the risks with crypto today.

If Governments wanted to, they should shut it down quickly (the speculative investment side....not the technology that underpins it).

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Awesome post connecting the dots.

Meanwhile Bank of Indonesia seems to be trying to get some xrp directly from Ryan Zygone by printing some fresh uncut cash!!! :)

" A pleasure to meet with Bank Indonesia about expanding Ripple. Here receiving a gift of raw uncut bills from the Head of Payments"


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