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Looking for hot on-ledger trading action

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13 minutes ago, Plirf said:

What is that exactly? Any link or documentation? 


While XRP is the native currency of the Ripple ledger, you can represent any other asset as an IOU (not sure if that's the term being used for it today) and trade it right on the  Ripple ledger. Any Ripple wallet can trade on the Ripple ledger.

Gatehub is the main place I know of where you can add your Ripple wallet to your account and then trade assets right on the ledger. The main benefit of this is that all assets you trade for are held right in your own wallet. But you still have to trust that the party issuing the IOU will redeem it.

Your can also run your own rippled server and make a bot to trade rather than doing it manually.

Maybe @hammertoe can provide some more insight.

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