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Best Australian exchanges for purchasing XRP??


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Hey Are there any Aussie investors here that are actively investing? coin spot is starting to fcuk me off and I need a new method. currently I buy from coin spot and sell to btcmarkets.net however coin spots Poli payments have been down since 20th December and it looks like they will never be back up anytime soon. thanks


edit. I need to buy more zerps asap

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Cheapest best I know of is Flash-fx send USD to Bitstamp then buy XRP with USD.  

Around 2.75% fees all up.

Flash-fx will verify you fairly quickly but Bitstamp take a couple of weeks. 

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Fastest but not the cheapest -

Buy ETH from Cex.io or Bitpanda or Coinmama (they accept bank transfer, or if you need instant use credit card with additional fees).

Then transfer your ETH to Binance (they just open new user registration, best to go there quickly).

Buy XRP using ETH.

.... profit and hold.

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