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Blacksite-Wallet.io IS NOT affiliated nor do we even know Blackwallet.co

BLACKWALLET.CO HAS BEEN HACKED! You can no longer log in as the webmaster has locked the htaccess to prevent more leakage but this should never have happened in the first place.

This makes me insane. I can't stand for one, this website has a similar name as our service, but two, the security behind these clowns were so ignorant, they had no business securing their dogs, much less your savings. To all my newbies.... DUDES I am so sorry that this coin storage and security is so complicated. It seems that no matter where you turn, nothing is safe. Regardless of whether you are storing your coins with BlackSite-Wallet.io in Cold Storage or if you are storing them yourself, the only acceptable method is not on any network connected device at all. There is a phenomenal amount of consideration that must be considered before you choose to store your own coins. Ask anything you want but get as much information as possible so that you understand how to be your own safety officer.

I explain in my newest blog article about how this happened and how we prevent the same thing from happening to you. Good luck guys.


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